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Toilet acrylic cover and LED

Toilet acrylic cover and LED

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Fulfill by Bespoke Home

Number of toilet
Acrylic Colour

Whatsapp us to arrange for an appointment for measurement. 50% deposit will be collected upon measurement completion and balance after installation.

Replace your existing HDB BTO toilet ceiling mesh to acrylic panel and add on LED

Price include measurement and installation

1 Toilet:
Acrylic only - $130
Acrylic + T5 LED (Single Tone) - $170
Acrylic + T5 LED (Tri Tone) - $190

2 Toilets:
Acrylic only - $170
Acrylic + T5 LED (Single Tone) - $250
Acrylic + T5 LED (Tri Tone) - $280

3 Toilets:
Acrylic only - $245
Acrylic + T5 LED (Single Tone) - $345
Acrylic + T5 LED (Tri Tone) - $380

**Note that we can only install if there is already an existing connection point, which by default, newer HDB BTO does have. We do not provide rewiring.
**$8 for additional opening for (IE: piping, aircon trucking, wire)

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What our customer said about us

  • Muhd Syamshidi

    Very responsive and good workmanship. Now my toilet looks much nicer with the acrylic panel installed by these guys!

  • Catherine Limyx

    Prompt response and very efficient all the way till installing is done the day of installation I was told that the lights were faulty and they came back the next day to fix it asap. Trustworthy and highly recommended

  • Hanan Sauruszxc

    Engaged with them in July and they fixed our lights ASAP. After contacting them about our financial issues, they were very understanding despite the delayed payment. Kudos to the team for the splendid call!Truly down to earth services

  • Rynn Neo

    Bespoke team installed acrylic panels for both my bathrooms and I love the outcome. Reasonable pricing and great service, highly recommended!

Aesthetic Enhancement

Bid farewell to the unappealing mesh ceiling and embrace a fresh, modern look that instantly captivates the eye. Our acrylic panels exude sophistication, creating a sleek and smooth surface that adds an air of elegance to any room.

Lighting Ambiance

Experience the power of LED lighting to set the perfect mood in your home. Illuminate your living spaces with a spectrum of colors and intensities, allowing you to create cozy, vibrant, or relaxing atmospheres at the touch of a button.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike the HDB-provided mesh that traps dust, acrylic panels offer a flat surface that is much easier to clean


How thick is the acrylic panel cover?

We are using 3mm thickness acrylic panel

How long does the installation take?

You'll need two appointments for the process: the first to take measurements, and the second for the installation itself, which typically takes around 30 to 60 minutes.

Is there any warranty period?

We offer 3 months warranty for the acrylic panel and 6 months for the LED